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Do You Need Affordable Health Insurance?


You can get health insurance all year round and you can afford it,
I will show you how.
Zero Premium plans are available!

Alan LeFort Health Insurance Expert Florida

I am Alan Lefort, a licensed 215 insurance agent, who accepts clients by referral only. Finding this page is your referral.

If you or your spouse are not offered health insurance through either of your employers call me for benefits information available to you through the Affordable Care Act a/k/a/ Obama Care. I do not charge any fee whatsoever. I have been friends with Dr. Weinstein for over 20 years. The fact that I am not paying or compensating Garrett for this opportunity to contact you, in any way, speaks for itself.

I treat everyone like I would like to be treated myself and always give them one-on-one personal attention and advice. In addition to my experience as an insurance advisor, I was a health care provider and owner of a successful diagnostic testing company for 14 years, which gave me additional insight into the chaos of the health insurance system in America today. This is why I am here to help you obtain the medical care you need and deserve.

You can call me directly at (772) 301-1033 or email me at for a consultation.

People are being assaulted with ads when going online to look for health insurance. I do not buy leads so that I do not look at people like dollar signs. I look at people as people who need advice and help. Zero Premium plans are available. Due to the current Covid environment insurance companies are offering additional benefits.

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