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Pinched Nerve Treatment

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Are You Suffering From A Pinched Nerve?


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A pinched nerve occurs when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons. This pressure disrupts the nerve’s function, causing pain, tingling, numbness or weakness. When someone suffers from a pinched nerve, it means that a nerve is compressed and in an abnormal position. Pinched nerves are somewhat common and can be caused by improper posture, lifting heavy items or reaching for something in an awkward way. The right chiropractic treatment could potentially help you find relief from your pinched nerve symptoms. If you have nerve compression in your lower back, you may be experiencing localized pain as well as tingling sensations that radiate down one or both of your legs. Some common causes include inflamed facet joints, bulging discs, herniated discs and overly tight back muscles.

How can a chiropractor help?

Our experienced chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida can perform gentle spinal adjustments to help realign out-of-place vertebrae, relax taut muscles and reduce pressure on a compressed nerve. You may be interested in trying this type of pinched nerve treatment because it offers several advantages over invasive and pharmaceutical options. Our chiropractors may be able to quickly determine whether treatment will be effective, and you may be able to avoid investing significant time and money in a therapy that ultimately does not work for you.

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What to expect at our Chiropractic Clinics

After completing a detailed consultation and examination at one of our 7 clinics in South Florida, in order to pinpoint the precise source of your pain, our chiropractors may recommend the following types of pinched nerve treatment:

  • Chiropractic manipulation to adjust your spine
  • Flexion distraction, a decompression technique that involves the use of a specially designed table to reduce pressure on spinal nerves and improve vertebral alignment
  • Other chiropractic services, such as ultrasound treatments, electrotherapy or ice pack applications to reduce inflammation, pain and muscle spasms

Find the relief you need

It is important to have realistic expectations about chiropractic pinched nerve treatment. In most cases, our chiropractors cannot find a quick fix to the problem you are experiencing with pinched nerves. Instead, an ongoing process is needed such as physical therapy. Our physical therapy treatments can help in relieving the pain you feel throughout your muscles or tendons. For a pain consultation and chiropractic care for pinched nerves, contact us today by calling 877-881-4878 (HURT).
We have 7 locations throughout South Florida for your convenience in Pompano Beach, North Miami, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Miami Airport, Miami Lakes and Kendall. Our experienced chiropractor with over 15 years of experience, Dr. Garrett Weinstein, is available to treat your pinched nerves and get you back to a normal, healthy life without pain.

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