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Chiropractic Care is Beneficial for Your Child

Chiropractic care will help teenagers with living healthy

A minor misconception of chiropractic practice is that it is only necessary or customary for older people or people who have been victims of a car accident or slip and fall. However, this could not be falser. Teens face immense amounts of pressure, weight, and tension in their necks and backs caused by things such as the weight of their backpack, the angle at which they are texting, and their time spent on their computers and playing video games for hours on end. As time goes on, severe problems will follow. Chiropractic care can relieve the symptoms of poor posture with regular visits.

Chiropractic Can Assist Your Little One into Their Teenage Years

Between the ages 7 and 10, misalignments of the spine are far more probable when they are active and are close to puberty, fall off their bike, and especially during tumbles during sports. When they become teenagers, they begin to see an influx in the amount of time spent watching TV, playing video games. In most of these instances, they will be sitting in a head-down position or with their shoulders hunched over for long periods during a day, days on end. Although children’s same postural deviations may be present in teens, you will find that teens may express symptoms of spinal stress more clearly, including neck and shoulder tension, headaches, and teenage girls, even menstruation problems. However, this does not have to be the case. With a visit to your local chiropractor, you can help your teen become a problem.

5 Advantages of Chiropractic Care for A Growing Child

All Around Pain Management

  • When you bring your child to their pediatrician for an injury, the likelihood is high that they will advise a pill and rest. The problem is that it is not getting to the root of the problem and teaches our children to allow medication alone to heal the body. This theory does not show our children that a medical doctor and a Doctor of Chiropractic are advantageous. Fortunately, chiropractic care not only focuses on your injury but can ease pain across the entire body and be preventive medicine for your children’s continued growth and development. Every aspect of the body is related to the spine. An adjustment can be the answer to your child’s discomfort.

Improves Mental Health

  • Teens today deal with a lot of stress. From fluctuating friend groups, working to keep their grades up, and pressure at home, all of these things can lead to anxiety and depression. Not to mention the influx in hormones they are experiencing, tensions are high in teenage life. In just one visit, through spinal manipulation, they can experience mental calm, which immensely brings about stress relief and better mood. Through routine visits, teens can also learn breathing techniques to help them cope with the things in their life, leading them to lose control of their emotions. With these visits, teens can discover ways to breathe and deal with the stressors plaguing their minds. With a calmer mind comes more ability to focus on schoolwork.

Healing Benefits

  • An athlete or not, teens lead an immensely active lifestyle. Regardless of if it is hours of lacrosse or walking around the mall, they are prone to injury. Luckily, a majority of these injuries are preventable. Chiropractic adjustments are the answer. The adjustments realign the spine properly and flex the muscles to make them less susceptible to injuries. Chiropractors will align the range, which then promotes efficient function and energy use in the body. These adjustments help to fasten the healing process. By adjusting the spine, their immunity improves. On top of the breathing techniques and destressing, this promotes natural healing.

Boosting their Growth

  • During the teen years, the body is at the peak of its growth. For many teens, due to hormones, they change stature at a more rapid pace than others. For others, the development is so slow, and it appears as though they are not growing at all. It can cause both growing pains as well as imbalance and awkwardness. All these issues, luckily, can be fixed by routine chiropractic visits. It plays a critical role in helping them attain optimal growth. Not only that, but these visits ease growing pains, allowing the process of becoming an adult to become significantly more comfortable. Chiropractic care may help by ensuring the most efficient function of the spine and central nervous system, which helps diminish pain and improve the overall balance of the body.

Creating healthy habits for a healthy life

  • Chiropractic care is not only short-term relief but a long-term cure. With frequent visits, teens learn the proper way to care for themselves and respect their bodies. Whether it is eating healthy, exercising correctly, or getting the posture right, our teenagers can learn the right way. They learn to appreciate the health benefits they feel after treating their body with the proper care necessary. Frustration occurs when a parent or guardian requires them to stay healthy now; however, it will be appreciated by the good habits they have been taught as an adult. Because chiropractic is part of a holistic approach to health, most chiropractors encourage good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress relief as part of an overall health outlook. By bringing your teen to the chiropractor, you are setting them up to develop good health habits for life.

From infants to pregnant women to the elderly, chiropractic care can bring tremendous benefits to the body. And of course, it helps those who fall somewhere in the middle as well. In some cases, chiropractic treatment may even reverse spine damage caused by poor posture and misalignment. Teenagers’ bodies experience pain associated with rapid growth, strain from carrying around heavy backpacks and looking at their phones, sports injuries, and other events that can take a toll on their overall health. There is no better time than now to schedule regular chiropractic appointments for your teenager. Early youth chiropractic adjustments can help teens develop lifelong habits that promote health and wellness, not to mention helping ease the things in their life now.

Call the Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida to assist your teenager in a stress-free lifestyle that not only promotes proactive wellbeing at a young age but also encourages a better way for the remainder of their lives.


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